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Top of the World Views


TOP OF THE WORLD: It isn't often you get a piece of real estate like this in Stowe, Vermont. You will find this to have awesome views of Mt. Mansfield because it sits high up on Taber Ridge. Being part of the Taber Ridge community which is full of friendly neighbors who are there if you need them, but respect your privacy, is one of the benefits . Right from this parcel of land you can snow shoe, walk or mountain bike through acres of State of Vermont land. You would think that you are in the middle of nowhere, yet you are minutes from the village. Real estate in Stowe has remained steady and the special feature of this parcel is the cleared house site and the road ready for you to start construction. The price of this magnificent piece of real estate is $925,000, call me for more information and don't miss owning one of the best views in town.

To view the full listing details on this property check out my website:

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  1. McKee on

    Hey Mom, It looks great, nice views of the Mt. I've already got my Stowe magnet, so you can send it to somone else. Love, McKee
    • Ellen McCormick on

      Hi Peggy, Good luck with your blog. I will check in from time to time to see what's gong on. You should make the type face that requests "name", "Mail", etc. in another color. The yellow is too hard to see -especially with these old eyes. Bye for now. Ellen
      • carter on

        Welcome to the blogessphere! You are the first blog entered on my new Mac! I look forward to seeing some of that beautiful Stowe property in July!
        • Lisa on

          Great blog-ad from one who knows the neighborhood... it's funny what gets picked up on the Google dailies...Good luck with this one, coming up in the Stowe news cannot hurt! L

          Really cool Stowe Magnets


          Write a comment on something you would like to know about Stowe real estate, or real estate in general, and get "a really cool magnet." You have to give me your name and address in order for me to send one out to you. Here is a sample of three of them.

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          1. Nancy Borg on

            Hi Peggy, Bravo, very nice job on keeping up with the technology! I am impressed. Peggy, the people who were supposed to come back for a second look at my house had canceled due to the torrential rain we had last Thursday. Had you heard anything about rescheduling? Thanks Peggy. Nancy

            Stowe Vermont Hosts Fed Cup

            We won, we aced the competition out and we are having the Fed Cup here at Topnotch Resort in STowe, Vermont. The Fed Cup is like the World Cup of soccer. This is happening on July 14-15,2007, The Fed Cup was established in 1963 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation. Eighty-nine countries compete in the Fed Cup.

            This will put Stowe, Vermont on the map. It will be a huge spotlight and people will see what a extraordinary place Stowe is. Stowe real estate will benefit from this exposure and no place more than Topnotch who is making all of their condos available for rent. This is an opportunity to own a piece of Stowe before the world discovers its beauty. You could own a three bedroom condo at Topnotch for $795,000 and rent it year round for income or be right where the action is. Call me to find out the details or go to my website at Don't hesitate and if you want tickets to the show call me at 802 253- 7358 ext. 13 I have the number and the scoop on what will be happening. GO STOWE!

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            1. Maggie on

              Your friends (and child) here at Union Street Media are very impressed!