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Help me raise money for cancer research at Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center

On Saturday, July 12, I will be walking 20k in the 27th Annual Prouty Bike Ride & Challenge Walk to raise money for cancer research at Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center. Unfortunately, we all know someone - a family member, friend, colleague, parent, child - who has been affected by this disease. Truly, cancer does not discriminate.

To participate in The Prouty, I've committed to raising $2500 towards cancer research. It is my personal goal to raise even more and I hope you can help! You can sponsor me right now by clicking on the website listed below. All donations are tax deductible and should be turned in by July 9.

Money raised by The Prouty stays locally to support cancer research and patient services at Norris Cotton Cancer Center. It's one of the best cancer facilities in the country and has been named one of only 41 Comprehensive Cancer Centers by the National Cancer Institute. Research conducted here helps cancer patients all over the world. If you'd like more information on the research done here, go to

If you prefer to send a check, you can make it payable to Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center and mail it to Friends of NCCC, One Medical Center Drive, Lebanon, NH 03756. Make sure that you indicate that it's for my walk by placing my name in the memo area of the check.

Thank you in advance for joining the fight!

Together, I know we can make a difference in the fight against cancer. Thank you for your support!

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Peggy Smith

Seller Respond To Low Offers

With the real estate market seeing a down turn across the country, more and more seller's are receiving "low-ball" offers. I was reading the NY Times and found an article including a sample response letter for seller's. See the letter below and a link to the full article... happy selling!

Dear Bidder:

Thanks so much for your note. I'm truly glad that you like our home as much as we do. You're right that my family and I have many great memories of this place, and we hope someday you will, too. And I just want you to know that I'm not insulted in any way by your offer. The fact is, none of us are very good at buying and selling homes. We don't do it often, and as much as we know we're not supposed to let emotions get in the way, it's hard not to. After all, few people buy or sell anything else as expensive as a home in their lifetimes.

That said, your offer disappointed me. You seem to believe that I'm not aware of how bad things are out there or that I'm in denial. But I do read the headlines, and I priced the house accordingly. I knew I might have to wait awhile to sell it.

I should point out that your data draws on what has already happened in the housing market. Instead, I'd ask you to consider what's about to happen.

One big reason for the falling prices is that it's harder to get mortgages. Lenders went from giving money to anyone with a pulse to demanding higher credit scores and larger down payments. All sorts of buyers simply couldn't make the numbers work anymore.

That may now change. Starting June 1, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which buy mortgages from lenders and help make it possible for them to lend more money, are loosening restrictions on the sorts of loans they'll buy in many markets. That is supposed to make it easier for people to buy a home with a down payment of 5 percent, or even less. Many more qualified buyers should mean more bids, and I'm willing to wait to see if it turns out that way.

I know you talked about having choices, but presumably we wouldn't be engaging in this correspondence unless you liked my home best. Given that, I'd ask you to think about something: How often do you find a place that you can actually imagine living in? Sure, there are a lot of other properties out there. But an increasing number are in foreclosure and probably have problems lurking within the walls. So don't let fear of a falling market keep you out of a home that you truly want. It's probably obvious by now that I'm not going to counter with a particular number. This doesn't mean that I do not want to negotiate. I'd just like you to consider what I've said and see if you find it convincing. In the meantime, other shoppers who are interested in my home now have a price to beat. So thanks for helping me out with that.

Just one more thing. Please take another look at whatever mortgage calculator you're using and see how your monthly payment will change if you brought your price up a bit. It almost certainly is not going to be enough to break you. But it may be enough to get us to a deal.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours, The Undaunted

Read Full NY Times Article: Negotiating for a House? Start With 'Dear Seller'

Stowe VT Listing Feature: 884 Wade Pasture

884 Wade Pasture Road, Stowe VT, For Sale

The Stowe Fun House!

I would like to highlight my Robinson Springs Listing at 884 Wade Pasture Road, Stowe VT. This is such a fun house. It has the works; a pond, tennis right around the corner, a huge game room, plenty of room for company and x-country ski trails out the door! It is close to Stowe Mountain Resort and all packaged nicely in Robinson Springs on of Stowe's private exclusive neighborhood.

To view full listing details on this property click here: 884 Wade Pasture Road, Stowe VT

To view a list of ALL Robinson Springs Listings click here: Robinson Springs Stowe VT Property for Sale

Women in Politics

I thought you might like to read this article and the comments. Although I am happy that Obama got the nomination, I think this is a very telling article as to where women really are today. It is appalling to me that the news media treated Hilary Clinton as they did. It is also disappointing that so many men and women still have the attitude they do toward women and their place in society. Other nation, including the Arab world, has more respect for women as leaders than the United States.

Please click here to read the article "Woman in Charge, Women Who Charge" by Judith Warner.

Eating and Drinking on a Friday Afternoon in Stowe VT

I just happened upon this information and thought how perfect wine tasting and chocolate sampling on the same day! Not a drinker myself, I'll be heading straight for the chocolate.

If you are looking for something to brighten this gloomy Vermont day, right here in Stowe, check out these two events today, June 6th:

Wine Tasting in the Trapp Family Lodge Wine Cellar, 4-6PM Indulge in a selection of wines from Washington State's Columbia Valley. A sign up sheet is available at the front desk, call 253-5742 or 800-826-7000 to sign up! There is a $15/person fee for this event.

Laughing Moon Chocolates Benefit Chocolate Tasting, 3-7PM This event benefits the African Food Aid and Water treatment programs in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. A $5 donation is requested, in exchange you will be treated to make your own chocolates, plenty of samples, give aways and dipping demos! Enjoy.

After drinking all that wine and eating all that chocolate you may want to walk or run it off... what better way to do that then to join the NCAL MUTT STRUTT on Saturday June 7th. It is too late to register online, so head over to the event at 8AM tomorrow to pledge or donate. Now you are supporting 2 great cause in 1 weekend. Check out my daughter's NCAL Mutt, Gizmo, below!


Zoom Zoom

Next weekend June 13th - 15th the Stowe will be hosting the Green Mountain Corvette Classic! You'll find these rides hard to miss as they weave their way up and down the Mountain Road in packs of 3-10 cars at a time!

Interesting in buying a Corvette? The Green Mountain Corvette Classic is a great place to start. On Saturday, June 13th they Corvette's will be corralled at the Ye Olde England Inne for your convince!