Blog :: 12-2008

Moon over Mansfield

There are only a few occasions when my daughter wakes me up, usually I am awake before she is. One is Christmas morning (yes, she is 31 and it still has not changed). The others are those rare times when nature does something you just can't miss. This happened last Saturday morning. Maggie's alarm woke her up, and as she rolled over to catch just a few more zzz's before skiing, something caught her eye. It was the moon, glowing over Mount Mansfield. It was a stunning view to behold at 7AM. After she snapped a photo with her cell phone and failed to find my camera she woke me up so I wouldn't miss it.

It was -3 degrees outside on Saturday morning, but a sight like this reminds us why we live in Vermont.

Moon Over Mount Mansfield, Stowe VT

Snow is Coming to Stowe VT

In case you did not hear, live under a rock or at least somewhere that snowfall is not such an important topic, we are getting SNOW tonight. Stowe is expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow starting this evening and continuing into tomorrow afternoon.

With the bizarre early season weather we've been having, I am not all that surprised! This past Sunday afternoon brought snow, around 2 to 4 inches. Monday brought below zero temperatures and Tuesday night to Wednesday morning brought RAIN. Then it decided to snow a few more inches yesterday afternoon and right now, it feels like a storm is on the horizon. So we wait...

If there is any question about winter being here to stay, I think tonight will be the final nail in that coffin. I am hoping this storm brings enough cover to open the xc trails at Trapps! See you out there.

Washburn Ceremics, Stowe VT

If you are looking for a great gift idea and want to support our local community, I have the best suggestion! Katherine Washburn, owner of Washburn Ceremics makes the most wonderful hand painted ceremics. Her stuff is the most fun! She will do custom images too, you just have to send her a picture of your favorite pet. I had her do a clock and lamp of my daughter's dog, Gizmo, a few years ago. He is still one of her best sellers!

So if you have a animal lover on your Christmas list this year, check out Katherine's site!, Hand painted ceremics from Vermont!