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Stowe VT, Stone Hut Mount Mansfield

The word is out in a BIG way about the Stone Hut located just off the top of the quad lift at Stowe Mountian Ski Resort. The NY Times is writing about the already hard to book Stone Hut, so if you want to get in next season, maybe submit your lottery request NOW! You can do so on the Vermont State Parks site here:

It is a great article, check it out "Spending the Night Atop Mt. Mansfield", NY Times, 1/23/09

Image from NY Times article, Spending the Night Atop Mt. Mansfield, 1/23/09

Mortgage Update

I receive newsletters from one of our local mortgage brokers, Jeff Teplitz, with National City Mortgage. You can check out the great article on "Selling Your Home in a Declining Market" and "Good Time To Buy A Vacation Home" by clicking here. As he noted this is very relevant for lakefront property on Lake Champlain or mountain properties in Stowe, VT.

Plus a Calendar showing the most important economic indicators and their upcoming release dates.

Stowe Vermont Restaurants: McCarthy's

If you are looking for a great breakfast spot, stop by and visit McCarthy's. It is located off the Mountain Road, next to the Stowe Cinema 3-plex. My husband Shap and I have breakfast or lunch at McCarthy's about once a week! You'll find a full breakfast menu with everything from the original Harwood Union (a bacon, peanut butter sandwich served on an english muffin) one of my favorites, to healthier options.

It also has an extensive lunch menu that is worth checking out. They have healthy wraps and salads, as well as burgers and dogs. McCarthy's is a great place for the whole family too, tons of options for the kids. Even my picky grandchildren can find something they like.

You'll likely be greeted with a smile by Diane McCarthy herself! It's a fun setting with a St. Patrick's Day theme. In fact you'll find it abound with locals on St. Paddy's Day and you will want to be dressed in green! Don't forget a heath-bar cookie on your way out. They're amazing!

You can view their menu by clicking here.

Stowe Mountain Helmets are Best!

When it comes to skiing my daughter keeps saying "Yes, Mom, I know Mom!" or "Mom, I do this every weekend, I've got it". These comments usually follow me trying to lend her a face mask on below zero days or when I suggested she wear a helmet if she insisted on skiing the trees. WELL, I finally get to respond with, "See Mother knows BEST!".

After her first face first digger into the snow she finally started wearing the helmet that a few of her friends and I insisted she wear. And can I tell you how happy this makes me.... very. And if you take a look at the above photo of her helmet, cracked, post crash #2, you'll see why!

She lost control after hitting an ice patch on Hayride at Stowe with no edges, going at a high speed. Thank god she was wearing her new helmet, it was only the 2nd day it made an appearance! While she is claiming the helmet made her feel like it was OK to go that fast, I can tell she's very thankful she was wearing it.

Now my "Slow down" and "Get your ski's tuned" comments are followed up with, "Already on it Mom".


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Stowe VT Weather

WOW, cold does not even begin to describe the weather the last view days. It was -31 degrees this morning when I woke up! NEGATIVE 31! It will be a palmy -1 degrees tomorrow, although that does not include the windchill factor on the Mtn. Mansfield. The national weather service predicts it will be -45 degrees with the windchill factor tomorrow up at Stowe Mountain Resort. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Might I suggest you seek shelter indoors at the new Spa at the new Stowe Mountain Lodge at Spruce Peak!!

Stowe, VT: Harrison's Restaurant

I am often asked for a restaurant recommendation and one of my favorite places to recommend is Harrison's. Yes, it is right below Coldwell Banker Carlson in downtown Stowe VT, and owned by very good family friends, but it really is worth checking out. Most nights you will find the Mother-Son team, Kathy & Andrew Kneale present. Kathy will meet you at the door and Andrew is usually behind the bar serving up creative cocktails. He also has a very good knowledge of wines, so do ask for his opinion.

You can find anything from a perfectly cooked steak to the more creative seafood like, Scallop and Ravioli Scampi. The menu has a great selection and varies from season to season.... Although you will find you favorites consistently on the list. If you are a mussel eater, come hungry and order the Salad, Mussels and Bread entree. It's delicious and while it is done in a cream sauce it is surprisingly light. The Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos are also a nice little treat; but if meat is your thing, the burgers are juice and tasty. You can check out the menu at Harrison's in Stowe VT here!

So the next time you are in Stowe and looking for a cozy place to grab dinner, maybe a good bar for the single dinner, stop by and say "Hello, to Kathy and Andrew", tell them I sent you, you'll be sure to get a smile and maybe a few good stories!

Here's a photo of Andrew with his younger brother Bebo when they were kids, taken from the Kneale Family Album on the Harrison's website:


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Morrisville Representative Named Vermont Speaker of the House

The best part, he's my Step-son, Shapleigh Smith Jr!

Last week I attended Shap's swearing in at the Vermont State House. I was accompanied by my Husband, Shap Smith Sr, my other Step-son Chapman, along with Shap Jr's wife Melissa and children, Eli and Mia and his half brother Spenser Weppler. Listening on the radio were:  Michel and Stuart Weppler (Shap Jr's Mother and Step-father), his step-siblings McKee and Maggie Macdonald and half-brother Coulter.

Gathering together with the mishmash clan we call family, to mark this momentous event, made me realize just how great an accomplishment it was. We are all so proud of Shap, he's had a goal of being successful in politics since his youth and he's managed to do just that!

Click here to listen to Shap's acceptance speech for Vermont Speaker of the House

Click here for the WCAX's coverage on Shap's nomination as Vermont Speaker of the House

Congrats Shap, we are all so proud of you.

Shap\'s Swearing in Photo taken from Burlington Free Press 1/6

Shap with son Eli, Photo taken from Burlington Free Press article Jan 6 2008


  1. Scott Bermudes on

    Hi Peggy, I was in Vt last week and during the Gay marraige debate I heard on the radio a referance to Shap Smith and wondered if that might be Shap sr. I hadn't considered Shap Jr., I quess because I only remember him as a small kid. I haven't seen either for 25 years and I'm happy for both of them for such a high acheivement. Please say hello for me and give them both a belated congratulation. Thanks,Scott
    • Peggy on

      Scott I can't believe that I missed this for a year. Shap says hi, he is telling me about all of your adventures in Wolcott and with the lobsters on Martha's Vineyard. Yes, Shap Jr. is Speaker of the House and is very well liked. He is a shining star for sure. Married with two kids, and the same for Chapman. I will give Shap your email. Keep in touch.