Blog :: 12-2009

Open House at Adams Mill Moscow VT

Today I woke up to large flakes drifting past my window and by the time I got to work we were in the middle of a snowstorm. It was delightful and added to the holiday spirit.

adams mill

On Wednesday, December 30th I am having an open house at Adams Mill in Moscow, Vt. from 4 to 7 pm. Please come if you get the opportunity. This is a chance to see the renovations that has been done on this historic home. The owners have kept the traditional Victorian farmhouse style on the exterior but have created a truly exciting modern interior. There are two units each with three bedrooms plus an office area. The four original stained glass windows have been kept and add a touch of color to the master bedrooms and the office area. The two bay windows, a part of the original house, grace the living room areas. Each unit has its own distinct personality. Available with each unit is a one car garage in a lovely carriage house. There is a studio above the garage with kitchen and bath that is available to be purchased for $160,000 with either unit. The south side is offered at $749,000 and the river side is offered at $859,000.

Come, join us for wine and cheese, tasting some of Vermont's world famous artisans cheeses from the Mt. Mansfield Creamery. Directions to the property are as follows:

Take Route 100 South from Stowe Village to the Moscow Rd. Turn right onto Moscow Rd. and follow the road to the first road on left, Barnes Hill Road. Bear left to the first right, Adams Mill Road. Bear right and go to the end of the road where you will see a large Victorian farmhouse.

Short Sales Certification

I am very excited to have completed the short sales and foreclosure course and will be certified by January 1, 2010. I am about to begin my first short sale and have decided to keep everyone up to date with the process. This will either discourage anyone from trying it or it will at least educate people in the process. What I know so far is that you need a lot of patience and perseverance. So far I have been hung up on by an un-named lawyer who started the conversation by "I don't mean to be rude..." and then finished by hanging up on me. However, I am a hardened real estate agent that can take rejection. Tomorrow I begin with the banks. I can already tell this is not a job for the faint of heart.

What really gets me, is how complicated it is. If the powers that be want to stimulate sales and get the economy moving they should mandate that the banks streamline this process for all concerned. There have been certain acts put in place, such as the " Home Affordable Foreclosure Alienation Act" (HAFA) that do help those about to go into foreclosure. There really is not enough information out there in the public eye. Over 50% of the people that are about to face foreclosure have no idea where to turn. Most of these people ignore all of the notices and just wait until the eleventh hour. A foreclosure will affect your credit score by 200 points while a short sale will affect it by 50. If more people knew this they would seek professional help to accomplish this. My best suggestion is if there are people out there that are experiencing impending foreclosure that they consult with a lawyer, and an account who specializes in foreclosures, bankruptcy, and short sales. Secondly I would contact a real estate agent in your area who is knowledgable in foreclosures and short sales. Above all do not ignore the notices. There is help and solutions out there.