Blog :: 03-2012

Spring Skiing In Stowe, VT | Stowe Mt. Resorts Skiing

Summer/Spring skiing has come to Stowe Mountain Resort with temps reaching the high 70's people are out in their t-shirts and shades.

The mountain is projected to stay open as long as they can, so come and enjoy the skiing before summer is really here.

Capturing Green Energy to Lower Your Bills | Green homes that give back to the grid | Inman News

Finding ways to increase the value in your home in today's market can be challenging, but looking towards green options might be one way that allows for some monthly carrying costs to be reduced.  Building green isn't a new idea, but finding ways to maximize your "green" output is still popular.  Homes that can produce enough energy can actually give back to their local utility companies and see a small profit or zero balance on their bills.

Vermonters have been using green energy for longer than most people and it's something that appeals to their sense of keeping Vermont clean and pollutant free.  To learn ways that people outside of Vermont are capturing and profiting off green energy read below.

Green homes that give back to the grid | Inman News.

Banks to Face Tough Reviews, Details of Mortgage Deal Show -

As we continue to wade out of the economic downturn and clear many of the bank owned properties from the market the government has made a deal with many lenders in regards to several unethical practices that were seen leading up to the housing collapse.  Fortunately for many Vermonters this does not come into play because of the local lending that has always taken place and the general attitude Vermonters carry of ownership of responsibility.

To read more about how this deal will impact banks please click below.

Banks to Face Tough Reviews, Details of Mortgage Deal Show -

Spring Skiing Has Arrived

Although this was a very mild winter by anyone's standards and it seems like we've been spring skiing since New Years, spring skiing truly arrived this past weekend.  Temps rose well into the 50's and the blue birds were singing all day long.  Stowe has a deep base, over 30 inches, so the conditions have held up and will continue to right through the end of March.

Come up and stay in Stowe and get those last few runs of the year.  There are many discount packages being offered at area hotels and resorts.  Email me today to see about our vacation rentals.

Kitchen, Why It's Important | Realty Times - Kitchens Sell a House

Why is the kitchen so important in a house?  For one isn't it the central hub of your home, where families gather to cook and prepare meals.  Where you meet in the morning for that first cup of coffee.  It's also where everyone ends up hanging out at the party!

Kitchens can make or break a home in terms of it's appeal and selling possibility.  A nice kitchen in a home that's seen some wear and tear can help buyers get past the work that needs to be done elsewhere.  Don't think that you have to have the highest end kitchen to attract buyers, sometimes if your kitchen is well laid out and updated all you need to do is clean it up to make it more appealing.  Of course if your kitchen is from the 80's or earlier than you want to consider doing some upgrades, appliances at a bare minimum.

Read more about what is possible with kitchens.

Realty Times - Kitchens Sell a House.

The Year Ahead: Real Estate's Best Bets in 2012 | Realtor Magazine

Realtor Magazine takes a look at the year ahead and what sections of the market will be hot and best bets.  They focus on both residential and commercial.  From the residential stand point international investors will play a large portion in the US market given the economic situation outside of the US.  Also distressed inventory in centrally located neighborhoods will continue to draw attention as well as good rental units.  On the commercial end of the market they target, office and retail space as well as warehouse space and multifamily units.

In the Stowe market we will see all of these areas take shape in one form or another.  Stowe offers opportunities in all of these categories, so it becomes attractive to buyers.

The Year Ahead: Real Estate's Best Bets in 2012 | Realtor Magazine.