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Best deals on mortgages | Money Magazine

When you start thinking about buying a house one of the first steps you should be taking is figuring out how much you can afford for a purchase price and on a monthly payment.  Understanding how mortgages work and what determines what you can qualify for help to bring clarity to the home buying process.

Here's some great tips on how to get the best mortgage deals from Money Magazine: Best deals on mortgages - Apr. 30, 2012.

Home Prices Rise in Half of U.S. Cities as Markets Stabilize - Bloomberg

Rising prices in U.S. Cities is a good sign for sellers in Vermont.  It doesn't mean that prices are going to start to rise overnight or even over the remainder of 2012 in Stowe, but it does project well for the future.  Stowe being ideally located within driving distance of Boston, the greater NYC area and Montreal is posed to benefit from stronger home sales in these cities.

Read more about the rise of home prices: Home Prices Rise in Half of U.S. Cities as Markets Stabilize - Bloomberg.

Top Vermont High Schools | Best High Schools | US News

Want to know which high school ranked number 1 in Vermont this year??  One guess: Stowe!  The Stowe community has always worked hard to provide excellent education for their students and this is acknowledgement of that hard work.

Having grown up in Stowe and attended school K to 12th grade, I can first hand tell you what an amazing school system it is.  When I graduated in 1995, I graduated in a class of 42 students.  I would say that I attended kindergarten with close to 25 of them.  One of the things that I noticed when I went away to college was that I had friendships that were deeply rooted in my life due to the smallness of the Stowe school system.  This is something I learned that a lot of kids from other parts of the country and other school systems did not experience.

School is all about learning, but not just from excellent teachers, its also from other students and the community as a whole.  Stowe offers that in spades and I for one am proud to be a graduate of the Stowe school system and proud of their achievement.

Top Vermont High Schools | Best High Schools | US News.

Experience The Stowe Rec Path | Smith Macdonald Group

Stowe, VT offers year round activities, one of the major draws in this area aside from Stowe Mt. Resort and The Trapp Family Lodge, is the the rec path.

The rec path is 11 miles long and runs from the center of Stowe Village up towards Mt. Mansfield, ending near Topnotch Resort. The path follows the West Branch River and the Mt. Road.

It is great for biking, walking, running in the summer and cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. There are plenty of swimming holes located along the path.

The path is fun for all ages and there are places to stop and eat along the way so you can fully experience all Stowe has to offer.  During the summer the Helen Day Art Center hosts Exposed in Stowe, an outdoor art exhibit along the path.

Running next to the paved Rec Path, is the Quiet Path, which is for walking and quiet enjoyment of the natural surroundings, it's also great for walking your dog off the leash.

For more information on the path click here: Stowe Rec Path

10 home maintenance tips for spring | Inman News

Time to make that final push before the end of the month and summer starts.  Home clean up and maintenance is really important for selling a home.  It makes a big difference in being able to get close to your asking price and when the building inspection happens.

Curb appeal draws buyers to houses, but the curb appeal has to come through on line before they will actually go and look at the house.  Making sure your house goes through a strong spring cleaning even if it is on the market.

Here's a great article on tips for spring maintenance from Inman News:

10 home maintenance tips for spring | Inman News.

Historic Stowe Hardware Building For Sale | Smith Macdonald Group's New Listing

The historic Stowe Hardware building is now on the market and available for purchase.  Having housed a hardware store for over 100 years, this property is one of a kind.  It's prime location in Stowe Village allows for maxim exposure for any business.

This building housed the Stowe Hardware and Tin Shop from 1829 until 2011: one hundred and eight-two years of history and commerce. Restored in 1999 to reflect the character of the 1800's, this building offers almost 9000 square feet of retail and storage space. Few buildings in Stowe offer the versatility and location as this anchor at the north end of the village. There are endless possibilities where the character and history of this building could enhance businesses. Any possibility you can create there is square footage with charm. Wine bar, bookstore, coffee shop, restaurant to retail shop, ample parking, garage or shop space, use your imagination. Own a piece of Stowe's history and make your imprint on its future.

Exclusive: $1,500,000

Contact: Peggy Smith: 802-793-3566 or McKee Macdonald: 802-375-5009


View Listing Here: Stowe Hardware Building


Declutter That House to Sell It Faster - Market Ready -

When we sit down with clients to discuss selling their homes one of the main features we review is the shape of the house.  Not just the overall condition and impression it will make on the market, but how it will be received by the market.  What we have found is there are very few home owners that don't need to declutter on some level.  By decluttering your home you make it show and feel larger and move inviting to potential customers.

Think about how much stuff we collect over the years, how much of it just ends up taking up space in a closet or the basement.  What type of impression does that leave?  Many people may think that since you can't keep an organized home it's a sign of other underlining problems like you haven't kept the house in shape.  Even if you just clean up your closets so they give the appearance of having more space that's a start.

Recently the New York Times ran a great article dealing with decluttering your home to help it sell faster.  Please click here to read that article: Declutter That House to Sell It Faster - Market Ready -