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Moose Sighting !

I was coming back from Elmore into Stowe on the Elmore Mt. Road in the middle of a pounding rain storm with my windshield wipers on high when from out of the woods ,on the left hand side of the car, ran a moose! I missed hitting him by about a foot.

It has been many years since I have had a moose sighting. The other times I was walking in the woods. This is a bit scary because you don't know if they might have a calf with them, they are sick, or aggressive. The size of a moose is very impressive. This moose being so close to my car, gave me a first hand comparison. The moose which was a young male was almost taller than my BMW station wagon.

After he ran in front of my car, he stopped and tried to decide which way to turn. I kept hoping that it would not be in my direction. After looking like he would go back where he came from he moved to the side of the road and looked at me for a few minutes as if to say,"You can pass now," and then he moved on into the woods.

I was a bit pissed that I was out on a property with a client getting soaked, and I was driving along anxious to get out of my wet clothes when the moose showed up. After sitting there watching him I drove away still wet but happy. It was a warm summer afternoon and I thought if I were a child being in those woods in the pouring rain would bring laughter to me; so I found that child and enjoyed the pleasure of what had transpired this afternoon.

P.S. Another friend just told me she saw a huge snapping turtle crossing the road yesterday. With all this rain the forest and wetland creatures must be on the move to dryer areas.

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