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Coyotes in the Night

Hmmm. Fall is in the air in Vermont. The nights are cool, the down comforter is out and the air is crisp. The mornings bring fog in the valley and for those of us that live in the hills we are treated to an amazing view. There is nothing more exciting than to be out for a morning walk and see the top of the mountains crystal clear and the clouds floating below creating an ocean of clouds.

We were treated to a meteorite shower this week. Nothing could possibly be more beautiful than the bright starry sky showering us with its own form of fireworks. Of course it requires one to be awake after midnight or like me, set the alarm for 1 am. The dogs and I stumbled out of the house to sit on a lawn chair and gaze upward upon a catherdral of lights. I felt as if I was watching a symphony orchestrated for me and only me, (the dogs seemed less interested in lifting their heads). After awhile they decided to head back to the house for a more cozy bed, leaving me still entralled at the sight.

The night sounds came back into focus once the dogs left. Seldom do I get to experience the night in such detail. The forest around me came alive and I could hear in the distance an owl announcing his presence. Minutes later I was treated to a chorus of coyotes with the sopranos and altos blending into song. It was a glorious eery sound, sending chills through me. What a priviledge to be showered with falling stars and the chorus of coyotes.

Sometime when your day is going downhill quickly and you feel the world spinning out of control, if you are fortunate enough to be in a place where you can observe the night sky.... Get Up, Go Out and rejoice. Despite all the terror, destruction and horror of this world remember there is beauty, love and joy in something as simple as coyotes serenading the night sky.

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