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What it is like to be Miss Piggy when it is 20 below

The Stowe Winter Carnival is about to take place in Stowe, Vermont. This is an event that is full of entertainment and fun for the whole family. Back in the late 70's, Stowe decided that it needed to beef up the tourist trade in January. Usually January can be a slow month for Stowe because we either have 20 below zero weather or a warm spell. To attract people to Stowe, the Stowe Area Association created Stowe Winter Carnival. From races at the mountain to snow golf to village night filled with cartoon characters, to ice sculpture contests, and casino night, Stowe was a whirlwind of activity.

That first year, volunteers sewed costumes for "Village Night." There was Dorothy and Toto, Spiderman, the seven dwarfs and Snow White, many many more characters including the stars of the show "Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog!' I had already volunteered to deal Black Jack for casino night and had hosted several "practice nights" at my house, but I was totally unprepared for the "Miss Piggy" call;"Would my ex-husband and I be, Miss Piggy and Kermit? " I was not sure if this was because they thought I had the build of Miss Piggy and Bill (my ex) looked like a frog or they just thought we would be game for a night of fun. We decided the later was the reason and so we said, yes.

Little did I know what I was getting in for. First of all my children, Maggie and McKee, were very little at the time, but still wanted to join in on the fun. A phone call to the grandparents got them on board to take them to village night. The big night came, it was 20 below. We all gathered at the town hall to dress; this was the first time I saw my outfit. There it was laid out on a chair - a purple silk evening dress, purple gloves, strappy high heels and of course the mask. Now you tell me how in 20 below weather one can be comfortable in that outfit? I managed to get it on over my long underwear, but there was no question-I looked stuffed. The head and the glamourous attached blonde hair came next. Now here was something that I knew would keep me warm, as it was full of stuffing making my head three times a normal size head. With a quick slip over my head and it was on. Suddenly the world turned black! The eyes did not match my eyes, and even if they had, the eyes were so small you could barely see a thing, even in a brightly lit room.

We were last to make out debut onto the platform and out into the streets. Kermit, aka Bill, was my only hope to guide me around like a seeing eye frog. Out into the dark, and onto the stage I went, waving and prancing as sexily as anyone could stuffed in this outfit. All went well until we hit the streets and Kermit forgot his seeing eye duties. There I was stumbling around the snow in high heels with little kids crawling all over me yelling "Miss Piggy, Miss Piggy." Kermit was no where to be found. I am afraid Miss Piggy uttered some words that should not have been heard outside of her mask.

In the crowd, I heard the little voices of my kids and felt them tugging on my dress. Immediately, I stooped down and said " Go find Daddy." I could not see their faces, but I could tell from their voices they could not believe that their mother was inside Miss Piggy's body. They stood shock still so I repeated my request. They knew we were going to be Miss Piggy and Kermit, but in the magic of the evening they could not believe their parents were in the bodies of Miss Piggy and Kermit. Finally, I told them that "Miss Piggy had lost Kermit and they needed to find him for her." They ran to find Kermit, returned him to me and I was escorted back to the town hall.

I was so frozen that I thought I could replace one of the ice sculptures. After that first year, Miss Piggy dressed for a Stowe winter evening in her new fashionable ski suit, and warm snow boots. She had much larger eyes with long lashes and purple eye shadow to accent them. Four years of being Miss Piggy. I then passed the touch on to another. By that time my kids had figured out that Miss Piggy had not taken over Mom's body.

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