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Real Estate Agent in the Making

It was Saturday afternoon and I had to go to a showing. Since the house had a great rec room with pool table, ping pong and foosball, I decided to invite my six year old grandson, Eli, along. He was staying with me for the week-end and needed to have some diversion.

Eli was under strict instructions to stay in the rec room while I was showing the house. We arrived to the house ready and he explored every inch of it, including the "really cool" ladder that went to the cupola. He turned on all the necessary lights and wanted to light the gas fireplace, which is where I drew the line.

The potential buyers arrived at the house, I barely got the door open when Eli announced,"This is a really cool house and you should buy it." Attempts to get him back down in the rec room were futile. He guided us through the house, pointed out all of the features that he thought they should know about. And the amazing thing was, they were exactly the same features I would have pointed out to them.

I was a bit apologetic, but I was assured that it was the most interesting and fun house tour they had been on and that I should split the commission with him when I sold it.

Just in case you'd like to see the house. Click here is a link for the visual tour of Blueberry Hill.

Any offers will have to be reviewed by Eli.

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  1. Peggy on

    It is always good to have children see what kind of work you do.