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Readers: If You Don't Have a Kindle, You Need One

Check out the newest book from Amazon: The Kindle.

Amazon's new wireless reading device

If you don't have one of these you are missing the best thing ever. This was the only thing I had on my Christmas list and they are so in demand that I did not get it until the middle of February. I am an avid reader and when I go on vacation my suitcase is heavy because I take so many books. I never have enough books and many times I am in countries where it is difficult to get English books;when you do find them, they are what I call "airplane novels."

When I clicked on to order books for Christmas presents last December ,the above ad was on the home page. Shortly after that, I read a review of the Kindle by someone that bought one. It compared it to the Sony E book and the Kindle came out top over all E books.

Here are a few features that I find amazing:

1. You have a large selection of font sizes for every ones preference.

2.The books are sent to you over a cell line, not an internet line. This has advantages and disadvantages. As long as you are within cell service you can receive books, newspapers and magazines. However, the cell service that Amazon uses does not work at my house, even if my cellphone does. It does work in the village of Stowe so all I need to do is drive downtown, turn on my Kindle and whatever I ordered is there.

3. You can order subscriptions to magazines, and newspapers and they will automatically load into your Kindle daily or monthly depending on your subscription.

4. To order books, magazines, and newspapers you do not have to go onto your computer. Simply go to "My Store", click and Amazon is at your fingertips. Pick a book and within seconds it is on your Kindle. I might add, that books are half the price of regular books. This is a definite advantage over "Ibooks" where the audio books are the same or more expensive than regular books.

5. Yes, you can listen to audio books with the Kindle. I have not downloaded any. so I do not know the cost.

6.The battery lasts a long time. I went away for four days where there was no electricity and my Kindle lasted at least 12 hours of reading time. It charges by its own charger, you do not have to plug it into a computer.

7. If you want to reference a passage in a book you are reading, you can search for that information on the Kindle and read about it, and then go back to what you are reading.

8. If you want to highlight an article of interest and send it to a friend, you can do just that from the Kindle.

9. The Kindle can hold up to 1,000 books.

I don't think that the Kindle will ever replace my love for actually holding the printed words in my hands. I love the feel and smell of a book. Sadly, you can not pass the book onto a friend. So I will continue to buy books and ask for them as presents. But for newspaper readers and magazine readers this is a wonderful way to save paper and help the environment. And if you are like me, bringing a bigger suitcase to hold all your books, the Kindle is a blessing.

Oh, here's a another really good reason to own a Kindle;when you have to sit and wait for someone ( like the doctor) you can whip out your Kindle, read your book and everyone will think that you are hard at work on some project. I did forget to mention that the Kindle is the size of a paperback book and weighs less, so it fits conveniently in your pocketbook or briefcase.

The one thing I do not like about the Kindle is how you turn the pages. On each side of the "book" there is a bar you press to get to the next page or go back. These bars are right where you want to hold the book so when you hold it you end up pressing the bar for the next page. It is very sensitive, so it is annoying when this happens. This is a small price to pay to have an entire library of books at your fingertips. This invention is my dream come true!

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  1. joe on

    I wonder if you have identified & tried any uses for the Kindle in your real estate biz