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Training in Stowe Hollow Leads to Success for Cancer Research

Last Saturday, July 12th, I participated in the Prouty which is a walk and bike ride for the Norris Cancer Research Center at the Mary Hitchock Hospital in Hanover, N.H. I raised $1200 and walked 20 K. I have been walking 3 miles everyday and decided that I would like the challenge of walking farther. A friend of mine asked me to sponser her for a 100 mile bike ride for this event and while I was signing up to donate, I became interested in doing it myself. What attracted me to it was the fact that all of the money went to the Norris Center and did not go in support of administation. The other reason was the wonderful care my friends have received at Mary Hitchock.

For the first 10 K ,a friend joined me and we went off on the "wooded walk". This was a delightful walk with some hills, beautiful vistas, a stunning lake and interesting woods. The support stations were welcoming with smiling, friendly volunteers who could not thank us enough for helping to meet the two million dollar goal. We began at 7:30 while it was still cool. My friend left me after 10K and I had the choice of doing the wooded walk again or try the residential walk. What real estate agent would give up an opportunity to look at real estate?

The residential walk brought you into Hanover and through the Dartmouth College campus. It brought back days of college week-ends and familiar haunts. I must admit that I had a book on tape to entertain me. At no time did I feel stressed or that I could not continue. When I finished at noon ,I felt I could easily do another 10K.

The interesting question for myself, was why did I do it? I think it was for the challenge, but it was also to honor my friends that have and are battling cancer. There is no way that I can take on their struggle, but what I can do is help to raise money to find a cure. What I can do is be there as their support, to spend several hours by myself doing something that challenges me. It allowed me time to forget the concerns of my life and my own conflicts.

I would encourage anyone to sign up for a walk or a ride in support of a cause that you feel is important. If nothing else you can raise money for a worthy cause, but you will find fulfillment in your accomplishment.

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