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Join Town Pool Get Deals In Stowe

Want to get a bargain in Stowe? Join the town pool by going to www.townpool.comand click on Vermont. You can sign up there or go directly to today's bargain and sign in there. There are restaurant deals, spa packages, hotels, and the best thing is you can sign up for other places in the U.S. If you like to go to Nantucket there are some great deals offered. I got a $50 gift certificate for $25 at the Blue Moon. And today I am going for the Blue Donkey gift certificate for $11. Not only do you get a good deal but Town Pool gives money to local charities. I have signed up the Stowe Land Trust and Helen Day Arts Center. At the moment they are benefiting the Stowe Education Fun. So do a good deed and get a good deal , all rolled into one.