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Home Sellers and Major Home Systems

Today we look at the impact of keeping your home in order, not clean although that's important, but keeping your major home systems in order.  When you want to sell your home you need to know what the status of your HVAC systems are and if they have been serviced lately.  Continued preventative maintenance twice a year can end up saving you money once you do have a contract to sell your house.

Often times we are seeing buyers and sellers come to an agreement on a purchase price before home inspections take place.  Once those inspections happen, which include major home systems, if items are not in good working order or if they need attention we are seeing a renegotiation of the purchase price.  This renegotiation never works in the favor of the seller.

Paying attention to your systems now and on a regular basis will help save you money in the long run.  To read more on HVAC systems and their impact please click below.

Home sellers and HVAC.