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CNN Money Home Outlook for 2012

As we head towards the end of 2011 and gear up for 2012 one of the major questions is what is going to happen with housing.  While we wish we had a crystal ball and could say with certainty, we don't.  So we look at many different sources of information and form opinions from those and try to find our way from there.

December's issue of Money Magazine offers a positive outlook on the 2012 housing market.  The main point being that most of the country will start to see stabilizing in their local housing markets.  What they point out and we agree on is don't expect prices to start to jump just because the market is on more stable ground.  This is very true in the Stowe area.

Another item of note is pay attention to interest rates if you own a home or are considering buying a home.  You can save yourself more money now on a monthly basis with the lower rates and purchase more home than you will be able to do if rates move up, even if home prices drop slightly.

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