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Declutter That House to Sell It Faster - Market Ready -

When we sit down with clients to discuss selling their homes one of the main features we review is the shape of the house.  Not just the overall condition and impression it will make on the market, but how it will be received by the market.  What we have found is there are very few home owners that don't need to declutter on some level.  By decluttering your home you make it show and feel larger and move inviting to potential customers.

Think about how much stuff we collect over the years, how much of it just ends up taking up space in a closet or the basement.  What type of impression does that leave?  Many people may think that since you can't keep an organized home it's a sign of other underlining problems like you haven't kept the house in shape.  Even if you just clean up your closets so they give the appearance of having more space that's a start.

Recently the New York Times ran a great article dealing with decluttering your home to help it sell faster.  Please click here to read that article: Declutter That House to Sell It Faster - Market Ready -