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Want to know which high school ranked number 1 in Vermont this year??  One guess: Stowe!  The Stowe community has always worked hard to provide excellent education for their students and this is acknowledgement of that hard work.

Having grown up in Stowe and attended school K to 12th grade, I can first hand tell you what an amazing school system it is.  When I graduated in 1995, I graduated in a class of 42 students.  I would say that I attended kindergarten with close to 25 of them.  One of the things that I noticed when I went away to college was that I had friendships that were deeply rooted in my life due to the smallness of the Stowe school system.  This is something I learned that a lot of kids from other parts of the country and other school systems did not experience.

School is all about learning, but not just from excellent teachers, its also from other students and the community as a whole.  Stowe offers that in spades and I for one am proud to be a graduate of the Stowe school system and proud of their achievement.

Top Vermont High Schools | Best High Schools | US News.