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Should I make a smaller down payment on my home, and invest the rest? - The Help Desk - Personal Finance FAQs - CNNMoney

Once you make the decision to purchase a home, that's when the real work starts or should I say the questions begin.  One of those questions is how much should I put down and how much should I finance?  The answer isn't always straight forward, many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as credit score, overall financial situation, loan products available, interest rates, etc.

The rule of thumb as been that if you can put 20% down on a 30 year loan, that was considered standard.  Now with historically low interest rates many people are looking at shorter term loans at much lower rates.  Generally the more you put down the lower the rate you can qualify for, but there are certain loan product that allow for less down and offer very low rates.  It's important you work with your realtor and lender to make sure the loan you choose is right for you.

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Should I make a smaller down payment on my home, and invest the rest? - The Help Desk - Personal Finance FAQs - CNNMoney.

FHA Announces Plans to Sell Discounted, Delinquent Loans to Investors |

While Vermont and Stowe remain mostly isolated from massive amounts of foreclosures, they still do exist and what happens elsewhere can have an impact on our local market.  The FHA has announced plans to sell discounted and delinquent loans to investors starting in September.  The program will open up homes in certain markets and neighborhoods, but not be a wholesale of those areas.  This is another opportunity for home owners to stay in their homes.

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FHA Announces Plans to Sell Discounted, Delinquent Loans to Investors.

Five Musts Before You List Your Home - Realty Times

This is a conversation we have with all of our sellers and anyone who consults us regarding selling their home.  The question to us is "what can we do around the house to make it more appealing to the market?"

One answer 9 times out 10 is declutter your house.  Even those of us who are diligent about keeping a clean house and throwing away items we don't need still have stuff stored away.  Whether it is a closet or the whole basement, cleaning it out makes it look bigger and more appealing to buyers.

On top of decluttering is cleaning, get that house spotless, the cleaner the house the more comfortable people will feel while they are looking at it.

These are just two areas that we focus on, read the article below for more suggestions, or better yet call us up and have us come out and evaluate your home.

Realty Times - Five Musts Before You List Your Home.

Home Prices Show Strongest Gain in 6 Years: NAR - DSNews

Existing home sales continue to gain strength according to the National Association of Realtors, in the Northeast they are up 19.2% over April 2011.  This rings true with the amount of activity we have been seeing in Stowe since the end of April.  Traditionally this time of year is more of a prepare for summer market, but it has been very active with buyers out almost every weekend and offers being made.

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DSNews - Default Servicing In Print and Online.

Historic Stowe Hardware Building For Sale - Rent | Smith Macdonald Real Estate Group

We are pleased to be representing the Historic Stowe Hardware Building For Sale and Rent.

Exclusive: $1,500,00 - sale

Exclusive: $7,500 per month, triple net - rent

This building housed the Stowe hardware and tin shop from 1829 until 2011: one hundred and eight-two years of history and commerce. Restored in 1999 to reflect the character of the 1800's, this building offers almost 9000 square feet of retail and storage space. Few buildings in Stowe offer the versatility and location as this anchor at the north end of the village. There are endless possibilities where the character and history of this building could enhance businesses. Any possibility you can create there is square footage with charm. Wine bar, bookstore, coffee shop, restaurant to retail shop, ample parking, garage or shop space, use your imagination. Own a piece of Stowe's history and make your imprint on its future.