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Five Musts Before You List Your Home - Realty Times

This is a conversation we have with all of our sellers and anyone who consults us regarding selling their home.  The question to us is "what can we do around the house to make it more appealing to the market?"

One answer 9 times out 10 is declutter your house.  Even those of us who are diligent about keeping a clean house and throwing away items we don't need still have stuff stored away.  Whether it is a closet or the whole basement, cleaning it out makes it look bigger and more appealing to buyers.

On top of decluttering is cleaning, get that house spotless, the cleaner the house the more comfortable people will feel while they are looking at it.

These are just two areas that we focus on, read the article below for more suggestions, or better yet call us up and have us come out and evaluate your home.

Realty Times - Five Musts Before You List Your Home.