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10 Ways to Boost Your Mood



Have you ever felt a little bit sad, or slightly lonely?  Well, you're not alone, and actually, it can be quite normal.  Here are 10 simple and easy ways to increase your mood and well being:

  1. Go for a walk, outside.  Getting into nature, or into the garden, can be renewing and energizing
  2. Sing along with music, or your favorite songs
  3. Write down 5 things that you are grateful for
  4. Buy or pick some flowers for yourself
  5. Have a good laugh.  Better yet, with a friend. Watch a funny movie, or read an entertaining book
  6. Have a 5 minute 'dance party'
  7. Accomplish 1 item on your 'to-do' list
  8. Do 1 good deed, or random act of kindness
  9. Play with your favorite pet
  10. Speak with a loved one
   source: Renew by UnitedHealthcare  photo: Cyndy Knauf   

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