CBCRE Stowe Real Estate Market Report

2017 Year-End Stowe Area Real Estate Market Report, Download Here

When we look at the current market there are two traits that come to mind, activity and energy. Since the start of 2017, and through today, we have seen an overall increase in market activity. We are seeing more engaged buyers, who are prepared to act quickly. There is a real sense of urgency, something we haven’t seen in recent years. In addition to the increased activity there has been a trend this past year, and currently, towards a positive outlook on our market as a whole. While the lower end of the market will always move, it is the middle of the market that has benefitted from this positive energy. Buyers see the long term viability of the Stowe market, in particular, and that translates into them projecting excitement and upbeat attitude to their friends and family who in turn will start to consider owning in the Stowe area.

For sellers a lot depends on where you have your property positioned from a price standpoint. That being said, on a whole there is more activity in the market than in years past, it often takes less time to sell your house than it has over the past 7 to 10 years.  We believe this is largely do to the energy buyers are bringing to the market. Even the luxury market which hasn’t see as much activity in recent years, still had stable sales in 2017 compared to the past 7 years. Sellers who have embraced the current market are feeling more positive about selling their home. That positive energy comes from a realization that the amount of time it will take to sell has come down, and we are seeing homes sell closer to list price and often well above town assessment.

As with any market price, positioning, and marketing matter. Capitalizing on all three is paramount in taking advantage of the increase in activity and energy.

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