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We stumbled onto McKee via Zillow. What a find! McKee is very respectful, not at all pushy, takes his time to understand who he's working with, and assertively nudges you towards what he's identified as prospective matches in the interest of not missing out on a potential match. 

He's usually right on the money in terms of compatible finds. However, we had been on the hunt for a secondary home. So, we allowed ourselves to be extremely picky (likely, to his chagrin). Where some agents may have gotten fed up, McKee patiently worked with us until we found THE place. The home we closed on turned out to be 180 degrees opposite what we started looking at/for. 

So we've addressed the 'search' process and how enjoyable workign with McKee was. Well, being Canadians who opted for financing, let me tell you...working with the bank once we found what we wanted was no cup of tea, and McKee stepped up when appropriate. He helped ensure everyone was doing their job (including us) in the time sensitive manner required to get the deal done. 

Over a month in our new home, and we're absolutely thrilled. McKee helped us with finding a property manager, getting to know different builders, contractors, and more. He really did is best to cover everything for us. All the while, we are far from being his only client. This guy is busy (good sign), extremely professional, and there to get the job done. Thanks McKee! 

Bottom line: McKee Macdonald and Peggy Smith are trustworthy professionals who are honest and easy to work with. The details: Every aspect of our recent long distance real estate transaction in Vermont was a HUGE success thanks to McKee Macdonald and his business partner Peggy Smith. As we live in Pennsylvania, I worked with McKee online for several months before we were finally able to secure a date to come up to Vermont. Unfortunately, McKee was out of town that weekend, but Peggy stepped in and took us to (at least) a dozen homes in one day.

Peggy must be quite observant, because when we let McKee know we were switching gears in our search from a condo IN STowe to a single waterfront property, he didn't skip a beat getting us to see hte most perfect home. The house he showed us was not one we'd expected to see on that second visit up, but it was everything we had on our wish list, and was just our style (which is where I believe Peggy's keen observations came into play). 4 days or so later we had an accepted agreement, and 5-6 weeks later we owned a new home.

In those few weeks, McKee was able to connect us with a wonderful attorney and home inspection person; hook us up with some financing options; meet the inspector at the house for the inspection appointment; photograph and measure the inerior rooms; get questions answered from the sellers; provide us with contact information for electricians, plumbers and utility providers. The attorney and McKee represented us at settlement - we didn't even have to show up! There were daily emails and phone calls, but everything was easy and stress free because of McKee. We ended up not only with our dream home, but also with a wonderful new friend in McKee, to whom we are deeptly indebted. 

Peggy and McKee recently assisted us with the purchase of a home in Stowe, VT. Throughout the process of their comprehensive approach to identifying our preferences resulted in a very targeted search which allowed us to concnetrate on those homes which suited our needs. As we entered the negotiation phase Peggy's rapport with the sellers was instrumental in completing the deal. They are true professionals.  

This was our third real estate transaction with Smith Macdonald and it will not be our last. They have developed their web presence and marketing strategies to match available technology of the day and we felt that our home was exceptionally well exposed to the market.

When the process got difficult with some surprises, they were on top managing the logistics and allowed us to take care of our responsibilities without the concern that something might fall through the cracks. They coordiinated extensions for us and stayed on top of the other agents involved to assure that everyone was meeting deadlines and progressing with their due diligence.  

I deal with many real estate professionals in my career and Smith Macdonald hanldes themselves as well as any I have worked with. I have never hesitated in recommending them to clients or friends as I know Smith Macdonald will deliver first class service. 

Thanks McKee and Peggy

Excellent job gauging the market and where to land on selling price and what a buyer can reasonably and realistically get. 

Did an excellent job at keeping the negotiations going and once the deal was agreed upon, continued to make sure everything was on track and all the necessary tasks were completed in a timely fashion. 

We really appreciated working with such a professional, responsive team. We didn't need a ton of negotiation, since most of that went through the attorneys, but we were so happy to have Peggy guiding us through the process when we knew so little about the area. She even distracted our kids so we could look at the houses!
I met McKee over a year ago, when I called to inquire about a couple of properties. He stayed in touch just the right amount and kept me informed to market opportunities. I recently called about another property and McKee suggested the property I ended up purchasing. I would not have found this without his help. Furthermore, McKee was extremely helpful in the negotiation process and facilitated the due diligence, documentatoin, and closing processes. I recommend McKee without reservation and will definitely work with him for all of my real estate needs in the Stowe area in the future. 
McKee and Peggy went way beyond what one might expect from real estate professionals. They recommended what work should be done in and around the house to get it ready to show and then helped to arrange with various contractors to get the work done. I was out of the country during much of the period leading up to and including the selling season and Mckee and Peggy were life savers. 

I have purchased two homes in my life. The first was a for sale by owner sale and the second I used McKee Macdonald as my realtor. I will never purchase or sell another home with using a realtor again! The Smith Macdonald group was so organized and kept everything on task and running smoothly and made my life so much easier. They have lived in the area for years so their knowledge of Stowe was incredible. The come highly recommended by us! 

Peggy and McKee are five-star professionals in every sense. From the beginning of the search/buying process to beyond closing they were client oriented, engaged and responsive. 

Thanks to their efforts on our behalf, we now have a Stowe property we can enjoy for quite some time. 
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